About Me


I am Katya – a mother with an international organizational and corporate financial past behind her, with a five-year-old son and a baby daughter in her arms. I started this project so as not to go crazy on maternity leave due to lack of communication and mover in life.

Beautyholo - Latest Hairstyles, Tattoo Ideas, Home Décor DIY, Haircut Ideas
Beautyholo – Latest Hairstyles, Tattoo Ideas, Home Décor DIY, Haircut Ideas

Initially, I just wanted to share the benefits for Moms of Big Cities, but the devil pulled me to agree with my husband to move after his business trips every 4 months to a new location, so the name Big City Mums began to justify itself more and more 🙂 Quick adaptation to life with a toddler in Bulgaria , France, China and the United States I now know firsthand and I am pleased to help other families survive the relocation.

I want to have more happy mothers around who think not only about children, but also about themselves. Therefore, I am happy to share my energy and inspire other mothers to find themselves and implement their ideas (during the decree and after).

How? Mainly with the help of online programs that I organize together with experts:

If you are planning to move a child to another country / city / district, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive my webinar “Moving with a child is easy!” Where I packed my experience of 14 transfers, life hacks and mistakes in 28 minutes.

And a year ago, I released my first book in poems for children about relocations “Little Bear Moves”. I believe that she will help children 2-5 years old and their parents discuss the move, relieve anxiety and enjoy the process 🙂


If you want to share your feelings and ask for advice when moving, I will be happy to listen, calm, help you plan and adapt to you and your children in a new place as soon as possible! I advise for free, at your pleasure. Write to [email protected] 🙂

I share the moments of our lives and the announcements of my projects in these social networks. Let’s get there?
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I am always glad to receive your letters with questions about programs, relocations, offers of cooperation and any comments on [email protected]