Women's Fashion13 Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas 2020

13 Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas 2020

Fashion weeks (Fashionable Makeup) have passed – and the puzzle has taken shape: we already know what makeup will be in fashion next year. Share observations!

Collecting a makeup bag for 2020, do not rush to throw out the old one: most of the tools will definitely come in handy. Make-up nude, fancy arrows, shining textures – all these trends of 2018 will remain with us for at least another year. And although the beauty revolution is not yet foreseen, several interesting trends should be seriously discussed now. What we do in this material.

Fashionable Trends

drawings on the face of the model

Today, fashion trends are rather advisory in nature, because there are no “anti-trends”. Whatever makeup you choose in 2020, it will still be modern. And even the eyebrows are no longer in disgrace: at the spring-summer show of Gucci, they focused on them.

We still do not recommend plucking eyebrows according to the method of Verochka from “Office Romance”, but other beauty ideas should be heeded. Here are the five main ones.

5 Scarlet Lips

The main color in lip make-up of 2020 is classic red. It can be applied both strictly along the contour (as, for example, at the Escada show), and in the technique of “kissed” lips, by casually fading lipstick straight from the center to the periphery with your fingers.

We learn from the example of Val Garland: at the Gareth Pugh show, the make-up artist made just such a make-up to the models.

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas - maroon lips and glitter
Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

4 Matte Shadows

Bright shadows, in color and texture reminiscent of school chalk, we saw at the spring-summer shows Rodarte, Gabriela Hearst, Peter Pilotto, Byblos and many others. Despite the obvious art bias, this trend belongs to the category of “wearable”: here we were just taught to handle bright matte shadows.

blue shadows

3 Glitter

Yes, yes, he is still with us – and continues to appear in various places. At the Valentino show, sparkling sequins glued the models to the lips and eyelids (right up to the eyebrows!), And at the Simone Rocha show, the glitter “fell asleep” in the corners of the eyes. And on the podium of the special show L’Oréal Paris Le Défilé, one of the models came out with classic cat eye, lined with gold sparkles.

golden shadows

2 Pink Eye Shadow

Perhaps, the beauty industry has not known such a boom on pink shades since the 1980s (not without reason, one of the main beauty products of the year is the palette of cherry shadows from Urban Decay). Badgley Mischka, Vivienne Hu, Genny, Giorgio Armani – these and many other brands acted as a united front, launching models with pink shadows on the eyelids on the podium. True, the shade and form of filing were all different.

In Brandon Maxwell, powdery, barely noticeable shadows complemented the classic black arrow, and at the shows of Rodarte and Savage x Fenty, makeup artists painted bright pink shining smokey models. How exactly to repeat the same image shows beauty blogger Koffkathecat.

By the way, pink tones make the iris of any color brighter, but most of all are suitable for green eyes.

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas - pink shades of a model
Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

1 Clear Wide Arrows

Active shooters fall into all lists of current trends in recent years, but in 2020 it is worth considering one nuance: they must be not only broad, but also in color! And even better – shining, as in shows Kim Shui and Versace.

green smokey ice

Makeup Autumn Winter 2020

How to take a long winter evenings in 2020? Make up! Here are a few suitable ideas: in a long winter, you just have time to translate them.

#1 January is always under the sign of the New Year, but why not stretch the holiday for the whole season? In winter 2020, boldly use sparkles in everyday makeup. You don’t need to go far for inspiration: how do you like the image from the Preen autumn-winter show?

glitter on face

#2 The emphasis on the lower eyelid – an important trend in recent years. But there are other reasons why you should pay attention to such a beauty trick. First, it is a great way to create a sexy and mysterious image. Secondly, it is also the simplest: even girls who are not keen on tutorial makeup can cope with soft kajal.

Bring only the lower eyelid (for example, with a colored pencil, as in the Elie Saab show) or make a circular stroke of the whole century (you will find the instruction here). But keep in mind that both make-up options visually reduce the eyes. By the way, one of the most spectacular examples of emphasis on the lower eyelid can be found in our image on the makeup of the Snow Queen.

Tips and Ideas – lower eyelid focus” width=”475″ height=”600″ /> Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

#3 “Rock and Roll Star” is an image that never tires. Although scarlet lips with wide arrows do not necessarily combine with leather leather jacket: feminine lace dresses also come to the place.

red lips and black arrows

#4 In addition to the lower eyelid, in the winter of 2020, we are also offered to focus on the corners of the eyes. At the MSGM show, they were marked out with black strokes, at the Missoni show – with shining light green shades, and the makeup artists Giorgio Armani emphasized this area with a highlighter.

Tips and Ideas – bright accents on the century” width=”592″ height=”588″ /> Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

#5 Even after our detailed instructions, you have not learned how to draw the “right” Smoky ice? No problem! In the 2020th fashion in a casual, as if slightly (or very heavily) oiled “haze.”

colored Smokey

Spring Summer Make Up 2020

Winter and summer in one color? This is modern makeup. All shades, textures and techniques that will be in vogue in the winter-2020, you can safely use in the warm season. True, in the summer we are more willing to accept make-up experiments. The most fashionable – in front of you.

#1 Drawings In The Eye Makeup

Drawings on the face appear on fashion shows from season to season, the leaders in this matter are Vivienne Westwood and Yohji Yamamoto. But in the last Fashion Week, makeup artists of the most conservative brands took up the brush.

Moreover, the focus was on the eye area: a “tick” under the lower eyelid at Coach, hieroglyphs on the temples at Dior, lines under the eyebrows at House of Holland – there is an important trend.

unusual arrow for eyelids

#2 Fancy Cat Eye

As we mentioned above, wide arrows are one of the main trends in 2020. In the summer, remember school geometry lessons and make your cat eye even more fashionable. The upper bound should be drawn as if by a ruler.

clear arrows for eyelids

Of course, you can act and exactly the opposite. Try to slightly blur the borders of the arrows, so that they are not as clear (as on the Kith show), or add shining shadows to the corners – for a festive mood.

blurry cat eyered lips and black arrows

Trends In Eye Makeup – 2020

Four eye makeup ideas that will definitely come in handy for you in 2020.

#1 How to create the most fashionable eye makeup? Act on the principle of “put on all the best at once.” Bright shadows, shining textures, colored mascara: certainly an extravagant, but very stylish look.

colorful smokey icebright eye makeup

#2 Experimenting in make-up eyes can be not only with textures and shades, but also with methods of application. Try, for example, to fill only a mobile eyelid with shadows, draw arrows with their help or even a small drawing.

Tips and Ideas – colored eyeshadow” width=”400″ height=”600″ /> Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

#3 False eyelashes a la Twiggy in 2020 do not glue or even create with the help of a mascara, but simply draw an eyeliner directly on the skin. Thanks for the find Prada, Vaquera and GCDS.

Twiggy Eyelashes

#4 The makeup artists who worked at the Lanyu show created whole impressionistic works for centuries of models. It turned out, like the original authors – gently, romantic, unforgettable. And, by the way, such a trend is good for beginners: a few careless color strokes – and that’s it!

Tips and Ideas – impressionist makeup” width=”591″ height=”589″ /> Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

Fashion Idea Of Makeup – 2020

What other ideas to take note of when thinking about lip makeup?

#1 Cream Texture

It seemed that the matte lipstick had won all, but judging by the latest shows, in 2020 cream textures are preparing to give them a decisive rebuff. And in favor are exactly gentle light shades, so it’s time to study this test drive.

Nude lip gloss

#2 Brown Lipstick

The fashion industry has become infected with nostalgia for the 1990s, which never goes away. Therefore, if in 2018 you did not buy brown lipstick — one of the key symbols of that era — then you cannot postpone it anymore.

brown lipstick

#3 Metallic Lips

Experiments with metallic textures continue. So, at the Jeremy Scott show, there was a feeling that foil stuck to the models’ lips. But there are more benign ways: for example, use shiny shadows (detailed instructions are here and here).

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas – Metallic Lips” width=”400″ height=”600″ /> Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

By the way, and the shade does not have to be silver, use the most daring colors – blue, green, pink. And so that the makeup does not look intimidating, add a little of the same shade to the eye makeup to balance the image.

A video tutorial that helps repeat the image with bright shiny lips can be viewed on the YouTube channel.

Makeup In Style – 2020

The image of “Make-up without makeup” is out of the seasons and trends, which is confirmed by simple statistics: for most fashion shows, brands choose exactly nude make-up. But can it be made fashionable? Remember these three ideas that will liven up your daily look in 2020.

#1 Blush

A slight emphasis on rouge is the simplest and sharpest trick. To make the image delicate and delicate, use creamy textures.

By the way, applying blush can also be done the way it is done in Japan – under the eyes: this will immediately make the image more youthful. The second option is to distribute in the form of a letter V, from ear to chin, as when creating Korean makeup.

focus on blush in makeup

#2 Fluffy Eyebrows

Gucci proclaimed the equality of all eyebrows with its spring-summer show, but let’s be honest: the return of the fashion to the eyebrow-thread is out of the question. But wide natural eyebrows are still in trend.

Combine them upstairs and fix them with a tinted or transparent gel, like at the Proenza Schouler show – this is the highlight that your nude makeup lacked.

makeup nude - Fashionable Makeup

#3 Inter Pads

Another version of fashionable nude makeup – with an emphasis on the eyes. Use this trick: give a soft black pencil only the mucous of the upper eyelid. Eyeliner will not be noticeable, but will create a feeling of thicker eyelashes. And, as a result, will make the look more attractive.

makeup without makeup

Wedding Makeup 

Wedding makeup, like wedding fashion, is very conservative. But if you suddenly decide that the wedding ceremony is the place to experiment, take a closer look at the images below.

#1 You remember that pink is the main color of the year in eye makeup? Smokey in delicate lilac tones is a festive, beautiful and, most importantly, relevant option for the bride. In addition, suitable for blue-eyed and brown-eyed blondes and brunettes.

Fashionable Makeup Tips - pink shades for wedding
Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

#2 In 2020, the blush can be not only pale pink (in fashion – means yellow), plus more often instead of them use a bronzer. So the makeup remains restrained, but becomes more interesting. Brides note!

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas - bright blush
Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

#3 And how do you like this idea: two-color lip makeup? By the way, one of the most fashionable receptions. But if the image below seems too bold for a wedding, try choosing less bright colors and make a horizontal gradient rather than vertical.

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas - two color lip makeup
Fashionable Makeup Tips

How To Make A Fashionable Makeup?

We figured out the theory, and in this section we will consolidate knowledge and give some practical recommendations on how to make a fashionable makeup-2020.

Day Makeup

Brown lipstick is in fashion, soft textures too. The conclusion suggests itself: to create a trendy daytime make-up of your lips, simply apply them with a cream lipstick or lip gloss of peach, orange-brown or caramel color.

cream lipstick

Perfect skin, “zero” eye makeup, nude lips and bright blush – an exact hit in a fashionable goal.

bright blush

How to integrate fashion drawings for centuries in everyday look? Create a bright and unusual arrow that starts in the inner corner of the eye. You can, by the way, not bring the matter to the end and stop at the first stage: it will still be very impressive.

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas - art makeup
Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

 3 Ideas For Evening Make Up

Bronze-colored eye make-up, wide arrows and something else: collected three images for those who follow trends.

Fade the matte dry shades of chocolate shade along the orbital line, and emphasize the lower eyelid. Apply cream or dry bronze shadows with a strong shimmer to the outer corners of the eyes, and add golden ones to the inner corners and to the inner corners.

Distribute the top layer of shadows can not brush with your fingers. Pay attention to this makeup, if in 2020 you graduate from school or college: it suits perfectly for graduation.

bronze makeup

If you try on the make-up from the photo below, you will not be left without attention either: a circular stroke and an emphasis on the corners of the eyes are a win-win. Use soft kayal along the growth lines of the upper and lower lashes, blend with a brush.

Do not forget to draw the mucous with the same pencil and add shining shadows to the inner corners of the eyes.

circular eye contour

Clear wide arrows, resembling a swallow’s wing, plus bright red lips – two fashionable techniques in one image. To repeat it exactly, follow the step-by-step instructions from this material.

wide black eyes

Fashionable Makeup Tips and Ideas

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