19 Spectacular Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room

19 Spectacular Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stylish And Attractive

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If you want to make your home decor stylish and attractive, then first of all you should think about the walls. It is their design that sets the rhythm of the entire room. The new review just collected the most vivid and stylish ideas of how to decorate home walls. The below options are suitable for both large and small rooms.

Check Below 19 Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas For Your Home Wall

19 Pages Of Books

Pages of any unnecessary battered edition can be used to decorate one of the walls of your house. With the help of the book pages you will be able to mask the flaws of the old finishes and create a cozy corner in the style of shebby chic or vintage.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

18 Golden Pattern

With the help of a stencil and a can of golden paint it will be possible to revive and decorate a boring monophonic wall. Especially advantageous and nobly such patterns will look on a white, black or brown surface.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

17 Bright Painting

A single-colored wall decorated with colorful painting will undoubtedly transform the space and become the visual center of any room.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

16 Figures Of Plaster

Decorative skulls made of plaster will be a stylish decoration of bachelor housing, a country house, as well as the interior in the Scandinavian or country style.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

15 Paper Garland

The magnificent ombre garland, which can be made independently from colored paper and threads, will become an original decoration of any wall.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

14 Paper Flowers

A bright composition of paper flowers will be a spectacular and very relevant spring decoration of any one-color wall.

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Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

13 Flocking

Volumetric textured rosettes made by means of flocking will allow you to radically transform walls without resorting to large-scale repair.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

12 Picture Gallery

A rich wall of red color, decorated with many paintings depicting circles made on a white background, which even a child can draw.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

11 Primitivism

With the help of colored scotch and minimal drawing skills you can decorate the walls of the nursery with funny images of animals that will enliven the room and will surely delight the kid.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

10 Paintings Under The Stencil

With the help of a stencil and bright paint, you can create your own unique wall design, painting only their individual parts.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

9 Wooden Panel

Unnecessary wooden door, plank or any other wooden detail can be turned into a wonderful wall panels, decorated with inspiring engraving, which will be a worthy decoration of the bedroom, living room or hallway.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

8 The Solar Circle

A large circle of bright color will be a spectacular decoration of a single-colored wall of the bedroom, refreshing the space and make it rich and optimistic.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

7 Primitivism

Bold and creative individuals can try to revive the walls of their apartment with the help of simple patterns in the style of primitivism, applied over the finish with a permanent marker. Especially stylish such drawings will look on the walls of the room in the Scandinavian or minimalist style.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

6 Branches

Dry branches, painted in golden and silver colors, can be turned into very unusual and stylish wall decor items, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of everyone who enters.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

5 Butterflies

Easily and inexpensively transform the walls or hide the existing shortcomings will help bulk composition of butterflies cut out of paper. Despite the fact that the idea of this decor is not at all new, playing with colors, textures and sizes of figurines everyone can create their own unique composition.

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Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

4 Cutlery

You can decorate the empty kitchen wall with a small composition of spoons and forks painted in bright colors.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

3 Pallet

A stunning wall decoration made from a wooden pallet, small potted plants and several glass jars with candles attached to it will be a spectacular and cozy decoration of one of the living room walls.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

2 Shutters

The use of multi-colored window shutters for wall decor is a bold and very effective idea that will make the interior truly unique.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

1 Mosaic

Unnecessary CDs can be used to create an incredible mosaic that fits the design of a kitchen apron.

Homemade Wall Decoration Ideas

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