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35 Best Wedding House Decoration Ideas

The arrival of the future husband to the bride’s house for ransom is no less exciting than the registration, photo shoot and wedding banquet that follow. After all, here the bridegroom will see her beloved for the first time in a wedding dress and will prove to many guests (albeit in a humorous way) that he is worthy of his chosen one.

Therefore, the decoration of the bride’s house is an important task, which should be solved by the girl of her girlfriend. We will tell you (Wedding House Decoration Ideas) how to decorate a room in a fashionable, original and inexpensive way.

Wedding Decorations For House

Holiday shops offer hundreds of different wedding decorations. You don’t have to buy everything – you can do many things yourself. Although formal decor (such as balloons or garlands) is a win-win option, various comic jokes in the wedding decoration of the house are also appropriate.

So, cacti dressed up with the bride and groom, toys or pets will certainly cause a smile, remove the awkwardness of guests.

But some of the classic decorations of European weddings are not always adapted to USA realities. For example, not every housewife will like the tradition of scattering fresh rose petals on the floor of an ordinary apartment, and besides, the bride’s wedding dress can be soiled.

Therefore, it is better to do this on the street or use artificial petals. The same applies to flower garlands, they look luxurious in the picture, but in fact it is a very costly pleasure, which, when decorating the bride’s house, is better to save.

Wedding Decorations For House

Wedding Decorations For House
35 Best Wedding House Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decorations For House

The main thing to remember is that the wedding, especially the moment of redemption, is, first of all, fun and pleasure. Therefore, leave the seriousness, solemnity and main forces to decorate the registration ceremony and banquet.

The apartment (house) of the bride is a place where you can neglect the formalities and tips of the wedding decorator, decorating the room as your heart desires. What kind of decorating things will help to make the bride’s house beautiful, romantic and worthy of meeting the groom?

Wedding Pom Poms – Voluminous Pompons

These colorful paper balls are a simple but very popular wedding decoration. For pompons, crepe or cigarette (quiet) paper is used. The process of their manufacture is simple, but requires a little skill and time.

If you don’t want to bother or are running out of time, buy these balls in the stores of goods for the holidays: they have an affordable price, and the widest assortment.

Keep in mind that the fluffing of purchased balls (which are sold assembled) also takes time, although not as much as manufacturing. Pompons, as a rule, are made in the size from 15 cm to half a meter.

Balloons of smaller diameter do not look so spectacular, moreover, to decorate the premises for the wedding, they will need a much larger number. How to decorate the bride’s house with pompons:

  • Hang the balls dotted on top (doorways, windows, wall cabinets, curtains, cornices, walls and, if there is something to fix for, a ceiling). One large ball or 3-5 medium ones will perfectly decorate the chandelier.
  • Having strung several pompons different in diameter and color on a thread, hang it with a garland.
  • Make a wedding arch to decorate the doorway by connecting pompons on a wire or cardboard basis. Tip: use only white balls, adding small red paper hearts that are easy to attach with transparent tape.
  • Lay out paper balls with a path along the baseboards or decorate the floor along the groom’s route.
  • Lay out or fasten the heart or the name of the bride with tape on the front door with white or red pompons.

Wedding Pom PomsWedding Pom PomsWedding Pom PomsWedding Pom Poms

Paper Fans And Flags – Wedding House Decoration Ideas

This is another wedding decor that the bride and her friends can easily do with their own hands (although these decorations are also sold in stores). Glue two fans to make a corrugated circle (phantom).

It is good to decorate horizontal surfaces with such fan phantoms (for example, a solid wall of multi-colored fans), hang them on threads or make a garland. Multicolored (with a pattern) and perforated with symmetrical holes or figuredly trimmed edges look funny and nebito.

Paper Fans And FlagsPaper Fans And Flags

Paper flags used as a wedding decoration at home are hung with a garland or placed in vases (dotted or in compositions with flowers / pompons). For the second option, you will need sticks (ordinary cocktail tubes, on which paper is attached with glue) are suitable.

Flags can be a chic decor, if you approach their manufacture with imagination. For the wedding decoration of the bride’s house, a diverse approach is needed. Here are our ideas:

Perforated paper flags (rectangular, triangular, semicircular, or any other shape). Tip: to quickly get the same pattern on a large number of flags, fold the blank paper sheets together with the clamps, cut the pattern into the pattern with a clerical knife, a figured hole punch, and a punch knife (the last two are sold in scrapbooking departments).

With inscriptions and prints: for the decoration of flags suitable names of the newlyweds, wedding date, thematic inscriptions. To save time, use stamps (homemade or purchased / custom).

With prints. A home printer can easily handle this wedding decoration. Funny and touching photographs of the bride at different ages are suitable as prints.

Layered flags. Combine several different-sized blanks from dissimilar materials (for example, plain paper with patterned / perforated, fabric of different textures with lace). A garland of black and white flags repeating the color scheme of the dresses of the bride and groom looks stylish.

Paper Fans And Flags- Wedding House Decoration IdeasPaper Fans And Flags- Wedding House Decoration IdeasPaper Fans And Flags- Wedding House Decoration Ideas

Flower Pomanders – Wedding House Decoration Ideas

Balls made of real or artificial flowers – a win-win decor that will decorate any home. Use pomanders from living buds to decorate – a fresh trend in the wedding industry, from which guests of the groom will be delighted. Balls can be ordered from a florist or made independently.

They decorate the house with pomanders in the same way as pompons: they hang the balls pointwise or with a garland, tie them to furniture, lay them on tables. Table and floor vases, filled with small flower balls or with one large pomander instead of a traditional bouquet, look spectacular.

Flower PomandersFlower PomandersFlower Pomanders

Garland With Bulbs

Electric garlands with standard bulbs are appropriate only in the evening or if there is little lighting in the house. In the afternoon, nobody will notice their light, and when turned off, they look unpretentious and even ugly. Look for garlands in stores that have hearts, flowers, balls, etc. instead of ordinary bulbs.

Such a product even during the day will look good like a normal decor. A very effective wedding home decoration is a solid wall (curtain) of luminous bulbs – for it, buy special garland-nets or “rain”.

Garland With Bulbs - wedding house decoration ideas

Garland With Bulbs - wedding house decoration ideas

Balloons – Wedding House Decoration Ideas

This is an old, but beloved by many newlyweds method of decoration, which anywhere creates a festive atmosphere. To decorate the bride’s house, use white, red or pink balloons, in the shape of a heart or curly, with wedding inscriptions or drawings.

Helium balloons would be a better decoration solution than air filled ones. To dilute the monotony of a large number of balls, tie tassel or serpentine garlands to them.

Balloons - Wedding House Decoration IdeasBalloons - Wedding House Decoration Ideas

Stuffed Toys

Dressing up a couple of toys in the suits of the bride and groom is not a new, but a very cute fun idea for decorating a house for a wedding. The most popular option is soft bears, but if it is elephants, bunnies or dolls – also good.

Add to this decor a motorcade of toy cars decorated with the appropriate attributes – and the delight of the guests of the groom is guaranteed. Where to get such tiny wedding clothes? There are several options:

  • stitch yourself
  • borrow from dolls (toy grooms with brides are not uncommon on store shelves)
  • to buy ready-made newlyweds (or other animals) in wedding salons

Stuffed Toys- Wedding House Decoration Ideasstuffed toys-Wedding House Decoration Ideas

Candle Decoration Ideas At Home – Candles decorated with ribbons and flowers

For wedding decor, white or pink candles are suitable. If candelabra are used, decorate them with pearl or glass beads. Wrap thick candles without candlesticks with satin ribbons with bows, dress in impromptu costumes of the bride and groom or arrange in low glass vases.

Another idea of ​​decorating the house with vases: fill them with water, add floating candles. The composition of different-sized candles on a tray strewn with rose petals looks stylish. A combination with a bouquet of flowers, pomanders or bright fruits will be a win-win.

Candle Decoration Ideas At HomeCandle Decoration Ideas At HomeCandle Decoration Ideas At Home

Video:- How To Decorate A Bride’s House

The wedding day begins, as a rule, in the bride’s house, where the bridegroom comes to pick up (redeem) her beloved and take her to her. Therefore, the situation in which the future husband will be met must correspond to the event. The bride’s house needs to be decorated not only inside.

It is also necessary to take care of the wedding decoration outside (starting from the gates or porch doors). To do this, large ornaments (balloons, huge paper pompons, garlands) are suitable – something that can be seen from afar. We offer to see how to create a festive atmosphere in the bride’s house, in the video clip presented.

Decorating A House For A Wedding – Photo of the idea

To beautifully decorate the bride’s house or apartment for the wedding, do not be afraid of non-standard approaches and details. You do not need to use all the decoration methods at once. Otherwise, the bride’s house will turn into a gift shop. Choose what is available according to the possibilities and closer to the character of the bride and groom.

Do not forget about the festive mood, smiles and jokes that will decorate even the most modest room. In order not to waste time searching for the right idea for the wedding decoration of the bride’s house, we suggest you look at our photo selection.

House Decoration Ideas– wedding home face” width=”819″ height=”1024″ /> Wedding home face – 35 Best Wedding House Decoration Ideas

Decorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A WeddingDecorating A House For A Wedding35 Best Wedding House Decoration Ideas- wedding home face

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