5 Chic And Trendy Hairstyles For Women Over 50

The Most Sexy Trendy Hairstyle In The Opinion Of Men Now We Know!

Not so long ago, we wrote about trendy hairstyle that men push away. It’s time to find out what they think is sexy!

We showed men photos of girls with different styles and offered to vote for those options that seem to them the most attractive. It was possible to vote for several options at once, we summarized the points scored and present you the result! Find out which trendy hairstyles are the sexiest.

The Most Sexy Trendy Hairstyles For Women According To Men

5 Spit “Fish Tail” – Hairstyle For Women Over 50 With Fine Hair

Elegantly thrown over the shoulder, this braid at the same time looks luxurious due to the complex weaving, naturally because of the light mess and incredibly feminine … Perhaps our respondents still remember school love? Hairstyle scored an impressive 65% of the vote! How to make a sexy hairstyle? Learning this is a snap.

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4 Careless Curls – Straight Hairstyle For Women Over 50

No neat symmetrical curls: men vote for naturalness! Some especially noted that the sexual hairstyle is the one that does not look as if its owner had spent an hour at the mirror. 72% of respondents voted for relaxed curls. This is victory!


3 Horse Tail – Shorter Hairstyle For Women Over 50

It would seem a very standard styling, but lately it has clearly become a hit. 57% of men said that ponytail hair is sexy, especially if it is given volume at the roots, and the tail itself is slightly “whipped”, as Kate Middleton did. Simple sexy hairstyle for long hair!

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2 Curls “On One Side” – Hairstyle For Women Over 50 With Round Faces

Curly hair thrown over one shoulder excites the minds of 68% of men! Surprisingly, compared with the classic styling – lying hair on both shoulders of hair – this asymmetrical version won by a large margin.


1 “Feathers” – Bob Hairstyle For Women Over 50

43% of the men surveyed by us said that they like disheveled hair very much, especially if they are painted in the style of ombre or bronding (we already say this, men do not know these words and call this coloring the usual “feathers” or “strands”) . Here is such a sexy hairstyle for hair of medium length.


What conclusions can be drawn from this? In the fashion of naturalness, relaxation and casual chic. Whatever hairstyle you choose, do not strive to achieve perfect styling. And be the sexiest!

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trendy hairstyles for women over 50

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