19 Medium Length Purple Hair Highlights In Blonde Hair

19 Medium Length Purple Hair Highlights In Blonde Hair

There will never be a better time to play with hair color. It seems that all rainbow colors have their days in the sun, but are not as widespread as purple hair. Whether it’s long and smooth or short and wavy, purple curls are everywhere. Charge inspiration by trying the 20 hottest purple hairstyles (Purple Hair Highlights In Blonde Hair).

Purple, like hair color, is beautifully combined with chocolate brown and can enliven a light golden look. If you want a more complex color solution, use a purple hue by adding it to your natural hair color. You can mix them with glare in other shades. Purple looks beautiful with burgundy, fuchsia, blue and teal (blue-green).

1 Silver Dream (Purple Hair Highlights In Blonde Hair)


Make your hair shine like a diamond. Try a purple blond hue with silver shades or highlights and you will be like a goddess.

2 Bright Purple Tress


Treat yourself to purple hair color and highlight it in the right way, transforming into beautiful beach waves. This will add a soft, feminine touch that is irresistible.

3 Thick Plum Curls


Purple hair should not follow the path of Cryola. Try a relaxed, deeper version. Saturated plum hair is best suited to those who want to avoid being too bright.

4 Mixed Violet


A well-mixed purple ombre will lead you to the status of a cool girl in an instant. Make brown and purple shades with a matte, ash finish for a chic effect. With hair like that, you’ll be the center of attention.

5 50 Shades of Violet


If you’re torn between what purple shade of hair to choose, stop breaking your brain and choose all the shades you can think of. Add the shimmer, mixing bright neon purples with soft, ash lilac. Your hair will have such personality and character that you can not overlook.

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6 Long Mauve Ombre


Decide on a two-tone purple ombre that combines bright, basic purple and purple berry colors. Two shades will add dynamics and volume to your appearance.

7 Black, Blue And Purple


Tired of boring habitual black hair and do not know what to do with them? Give them a blue and purple treat with mixed ombre.

8 Purple balaclava


A perfectly woven purple black hair color makes a saucy challenge. Create a gradient, either sticking to your natural dark roots or painting them brown. Then mix the bright purple hair color with the hair starting just below the top.

9 Purple Step


The neon lilac image is incredibly chic, but not the easiest to achieve, especially for people with dark hair. Thanks to an experienced color is and color products, this bright image is fully accessible.

10 Purple Panchat Braid


Be your company’s unicorn with pastel purple hair braided into a complex braid. Panking requires the braid to be swollen to make it more voluminous and flat. Strapping the Dutch braid around the top of the head and the intricate braid ingestion of the fish tail makes it challenging and beautiful.

11 Amethyst’s Glare


Preciously tinted and muted glare will make your hair shine and shine like nothing else. Try a double tone effect that mixes two shades of purple hair. The results are dazzling.

12 Beautiful Berry Hair


Boysenova berries, blueberries and raspberries are all kinds of delicious berries. They also become even more delicious hair dyes. Create a fruit smoothie with your hair and combine all three into an accentuated look that will make you look amazing.

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13 A Neon Dream Machine


Decide on an image that in a good way is striking and includes two shades of purple. Start with a brighter shade at the top and move on to the pinkish purple at the bottom.

14 Indigo Long Bean


The dark purple hair is about as bright as anything, and you don’t need long layered curls to make the effect work. Try the purple glare in your trendy, twisted long bean and show everyone how you live on the edge of style.

15 Big Braided Hairstyle


Who says weaving should be buns or intricate chignons? Add some zest to these bright light purple hair, creating a large thick Dutch braid down the center of the hair. Make sure it’s free and voluminous to make it more modern.

16 Violet On A Bean


Try the sharpest image in the city by making an angular long bob that hits the shoulders at the front and back of the head. To add even more “cool dots” to the look, create a silver ombre effect that starts in purple and switches to a sleek gray color.

17 Cute Purple Curls


Crazy swirls should stand out, so why not go the extra mile and paint them in a hot shade of purple? This grape tree color will add a cool funky hue to your luscious curls. Just make sure you keep your hair moist with moisturizers, as the purple dye and hair can dry out.

18 Silky Purple Waves


Don’t feel the bright purple image? Try a more subtle purple-brown color that looks almost natural. Don’t worry, the hint of purple is still noticeable enough to show off its adventurous side.

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19 Plum Violet (Purple Hair Highlights In Blonde Hair)


Keep your purple hair in the most chic shapes, matching the style. Half braided hairstyles are ideal because they look complex, while not being so.

20 Light, Bright And Purple

20-straight-purple-blonde-hair - Purple Hair Highlights In Blonde Hair

Go definitively to the image with a cool tone of purple color. The icy lilac hue will stand out and contrast well with the rich purple roots.

Now that you’ve seen everything in the world of purple hair, don’t you want to run to your hairdresser and order a lilac ombre or rich red-purple hair? Now is the time not to miss the moment and get the bright and beautiful purple color of your dreams!

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