10 Homecoming Hairstyles Half Up Half Down Ideas


Beauties Going home? Then you need to check our Homecoming Hairstyles. Your hair is an essential part of your look because it should look glamorous and complement your dress. It can be challenging to choose, as there are many different hairstyles. We have done some of these works for you and found 10 beautiful and fashionable hairstyles to return home to inspire you. We have something for everyone, from elegant curled hairstyles to cute horsetails.

Below Are The Top 10 Homecoming Hairstyles

10A Double Bun

First, we have this sleek hairstyle and braid. The hair was thrown back into a low bun with added side braiding. This hairstyle is gorgeous and neat, but it has a loose braid and hair on the front. It is perfect for those who want to fill the eye, but be a little relaxed.


9 Stylish Short Consky Tail

Ponytails can be seen as a laid-back style, but you can create a super glamorous hairstyle with a ponytail. Here’s a great example. The hair was styled with a low ponytail, but with added twists.

There are two turns above the ponytail and around the tail top. It’s a great idea that suits anyone.

8 Half Up, Half Down

Then we have a gorgeous raised hairstyle. To create the look, the hair was half-covered, half down with a braid. The spit is free and beautiful. This hairstyle is elegant and will make you look like a princess.

You can even add accessories to your hair. Precious stones, pearls or flowers will be stunning.


7 Elegant Updo For Real Hair

Wow, at-home party with a terrific haircut like this one! The hair was styled with a large bun with a stylish fringe at the front. This hairstyle is just beautiful and suitable for anyone. A hairstyle like this one will decorate your jewellery and dress up nicely.

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6 Plain Semi Module With Braid

Braids can be used to create fabulous hairstyles. Here we have a fantastic example. The hair was decorated in the form of a semi-closed and semi-closed species with braids from the fishtail. Then, about halfway down, the braid turns into a pull through the braid.

The rest of the hair was beautifully twisted. This hairstyle looks straight out of a fairy tale. It’s an excellent idea for a prom or homecoming.


5 Konsky Tail With Fishtail

Our next idea is a beautiful ponytail with a braid made of the fishtail. We love this hairstyle because it is simple and elegant. Recreate with braid with fish, as shown in the picture or use the braid of your choice. You can also have your tail curly or straight, so choose what you like best.


4 Merciless, Semi Braided

If you want to look stylish but don’t like that hair is too formal, this next idea is perfect. The hair was styled into beach loose curls with two braids that meet and merge into one. It has a boho vibe to this, but it’s glam enough to go home. You can use any braid to recreate a species like this.


3 Full Romantic Bun

Then we have an elegant and romantic bun to show you. The hair was thinly waving and was loosely thrown back into a low bun. There is also loose hair at the front. It’s a fantastic hairstyle that suits everyone. It’s a simple but beautiful look that will make you notice!


2 Boho, Half Updo Braid

If you like boho hairstyles, then this is the next idea for you. The hair was beautifully twisted with a loose, chunky braid that creates a semi-closed, semi-closed look. Although it also has an attractive look, it is formal and stylish. You can use any braid to recreate the appearance.

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1 Konsky Braid With Ponytail

Our next idea has beautiful ponytail. The ponytail has soft curls with hair twisted around the top. There is also a side braid, and the hair also has a volume at the top. This hairstyle looks a bit vintage but has a modern atmosphere with a scythe.

This is a beautiful hairstyle, perfect for returning home.


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