Hair DesignHair Style Ideas7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing

7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing

These celebrities combined the most trendy haircuts and coloring. On the example of Hollywood stars, choose the best combinations for spring and summer 2019.

Ginger Shade For A Bob Haircut

7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing
7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing

Red shades of hair confidently hold in the top of the most fashionable coloring spree spring-summer 2019. The trend is now ginger. Warm orange-yellow color is one of the most successful options for stylish coloring for the haircut bob, which has long been loved by Hollywood stars.

Short ginger hair was chosen by one of the sexiest actresses, Scarlett Johansson. It looks very seductive!

Ombre On Quad – perfect combinations of haircut and dyeing 

7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing
7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing

Ombre for short hair is a modern classic. The two-color quad was worn by Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Lucy Hale, and many others. Complicated coloring perfectly emphasizes the open face and makes the hairstyle more bright and expressive.

If you don’t want sharp transitions, you can make a more discreet and natural somber – as in the photo above.

Wheat On An Elongated Quad

7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing
7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing

Cold platinum shades of blond this season gave way to warm and rich. In fashion, monochrome wheat hair. The pastel-golden hair perfectly falls on the elongated quad. The Joker’s girlfriend demonstrates this from the film “Suicide Squad” – Margot Robbie. Wheat quad on lengthening will look great and with trendy “sloppy” and “wet” styling.

Chestnut For A Haircut With Semicircular Bangs

7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing - Dakota-Johnson
7 Perfect Combinations Of Haircut And Dyeing

Natural chestnut – a favorite shade not only designers of the world’s leading fashion houses but also Hollywood celebrities. Saturated brown pick Dakota Johnson, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, and many others. The natural chocolate color looks great in combination with popular in 2019 types of bangs – semicircular.

AirTouch On The Cascade


The “air touch” technique, or AirTouch, mimics the effect of sun-burnt hair. It is best combined with multi-level haircuts, for example, with a cascade, and is suitable for both light and dark hair. The analogy with the technique of swarms. When the strands return to a place, the coloring effect is smoothed out. The hair looks very natural.

Ash-brown On Medium Length Hair


In 2019, summer and spring warm shades diluted only one cold color, which has remained relevant – ash brown. The low-key and cold Ash-brown looks good on medium-length hair. The shimmering dark hue brings a little mystery and sophistication to the image. Actress Anne Hathaway chose this hairstyle.

Contouring On Long Hair

7-Perfect-Combinations-Of-Haircut-And-Dyeing- Anne-Hathaway-6 -Megan-Fox
7-Perfect-Combinations-Of-Haircut-And-Dyeing- Anne-Hathaway-6 -Megan-Fox

Coloring can be compared to art. Hairdresser-colorist discreetly brightens strands in different places, the same correcting and emphasizing facial features. The contouring looks especially spectacular on long hair. Thanks to glare, they begin to shine and shimmer, seem healthier. 

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