21 Best Fashionable Kitchen Interior Design and Ideas

21 Best Fashionable Kitchen Interior Design and Ideas

Kitchen interior design in 2023 and 2024 is becoming increasingly exciting! Interior designers find new ways to surprise customers, improvise, combine materials and combine shades. Let’s find out more about what is now in trend in kitchen design!

#. Finishing of the Kitchen Apron and Countertops With Natural Marble

21 Best Fashionable Kitchen Interior Design & Ideas

Natural marble is one of those materials that have firmly entered the fashion trends of this decade. In the coming years, its presence in the decoration will only gain momentum. And it is also fashionable to use in one interior or even in one zone (floor / wall / apron) several types of marble.

#. Layout With Island and Bar Counter – Kitchen Interior

Layout With Island and Bar Counter - Kitchen Interior
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Among the various layouts, the island option is becoming increasingly popular. If straight and angular headsets have always been, then it was the island that came to us from the American tradition. True, the average kitchen area together with the dining area in the UNITED STATES and Canada is about 25 m². Therefore, if we are talking about an island with a bar counter, this option should be advised only for rooms with a minimum area of 18 m².

#. Built-in Headset With Two Types of Upper Cabinet Design

Built-in Headset With Two Types of Upper Cabinet Design - Kitchen Interior

In the design of kitchen sets, the most striking and amazing trend was headsets with two-phase finishing of the facades of the upper cabinets. Note that facades can be not just different in color, but also in depth, material, visual effect (contrast / neutral).

#. U-shaped Headset in an Open Plan

Kitchen Interior - U-shaped Headset in an Open Plan

U-shaped headsets with a bar counter are the European interpretation of American kitchens. The usual width of the rack here is no more than 1-1.4 meters, and the depth is from 40 to 60 cm.

#. Open Plan With Dining Area in the Center

Open Plan With Dining Area in the Center - Kitchen Interior
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The linear layout (kitchen – dining room – living room) is perfect for any small-sized apartment, whether it is a studio or a one-room improved layout. The public area is cozy and modern at the same time.

#. Three- and Four-color Format of the Design of the Facades of the Kitchen Set

Three- and Four-color Format of the Design of the Facades of the Kitchen Set - Kitchen Interior Design

Two-tone headsets came into fashion in the 2010s, but tri-color appeared relatively recently. Usually two colors are matte or glossy, one color imitates wood/concrete/embossed material, and the fourth is represented by a buffet module.

#. Glass Sliding Doors in the Interior

Glass Sliding Doors in the Interior - Kitchen Interior Design

The glass version of slider doors is great for any modern interior, whether it is a room in the style of minimalism or neoclassicism. In different styles, the design of the doors will differ in the nature of the glazing and the type of glass.

#. Side Modules for Storage in the Passage AreaSide Modules for Storage in the Passage Area - Kitchen Interior Design

With an open layout of modern kitchens, side zones with buffet shelves are an excellent solution. Thus, the set ceases to be a separate and very large element of furniture in the room and integrates into the public environment in a more elegant way.

#. Kitchen Trends in the Decoration and Design of the Kitchen Apron

Kitchen Interior Design and Ideas
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The decoration of the kitchen apron has its own popular trends. Kitchens have natural materials, unusual shades and textures, as well as combinations of several materials. Let’s find out more about it!

#. Mirror Tiles With TintingMirror Tiles With Tinting - Kitchen Interior Design

Mirror tiles relatively recently became a fashionable finishing option in luxury interiors. Most often it is found in the Art Deco style with a cocktail, almost bar atmosphere.

#. Glazed Tiles With Geometric LayoutGlazed Tiles With Geometric Layout - Kitchen Interior Design

Glazed tiles are more glossy, usually it has small bulges around the perimeter (such as facet treatment of mirrors) and an elongated rectangular shape. Popular installations: horizontal, vertical and parquet.

#. Natural Stone (Marble, Granite, Onyx)

Natural Stone (Marble, Granite, Onyx) - Kitchen Interior Design

Natural marble has always been an important part of both construction and interior design. It is valued for its practicality, wear resistance, lack of porosity and ease of washing, so it will be an ideal solution for countertops and aprons. Usually, for these purposes, the stone is polished to a glossy state.

#. Geometric Ornaments in Wall and Floor Decoration

Geometric Ornaments in Wall and Floor Decoration

Geometric ornaments in the design of the kitchen apron and other areas on the walls and floor are popular in many styles: in Art Deco and Neoclassicism, Classics and Scandinavian style. Sometimes they can be found even in a modern style and minimalism.

#. Ceramic Tiles Under the BrickCeramic Tiles Under the Brick

Ceramic tiles of rectangular shape under the brick will be an excellent solution for a loft or apartment in modern styles.

#. Contrasting Apron to the Color of the Headset and CountertopsContrasting Apron to the Color of the Headset and Countertops

The contrasting design of the apron and countertop is also an important trend in the design of this room.

#. Single Material for Countertop and Apron

Single Material for Countertop and Apron

But there is an alternative trend to use identical material for countertops and aprons.

#. Imitations of Marble in Porcelain Stoneware

Imitations of Marble in Porcelain Stoneware

Imitations of natural stone, especially marble and granite, are especially popular in pro classical styles.

#. White Color in FinishWhite Color in Finish

In our article, we will look at interesting fashionable color schemes, combinations of shades and specific colors that are used in interior design by top professionals from around the world.

#. Beige-brown Color PaletteBeige-brown Color Palette

Classic beige and dark brown (chocolate, coffee, shades of rosewood and mahogany for wood) will look perfect in exquisite European cuisine.

#. Blue and WhiteBlue and White

The perfect solution for any laconic interior! It is better to use in a ratio of 2 to 1 (white and dark).

#. Delicate Pastel Palette

Delicate Pastel Palette

A pleasant cozy palette with wine-red armchairs and pillows in the shade of Sicilian marsala is ideal for an apartment of spouses with almost adult children.

#. Shades of Grey With Black and White Accents

Small items in interior design are also very important for creating the right atmosphere. From the décor and accessories, the mood of the room can change as much as from the color of the walls! Ethnic lamps (Morocco, Turkey, Spain, India)

Without built-in appliances, the kitchen already seems irrelevant. Professionals know that today you can build not only a refrigerator, an oven, a cooktop with an extractor fan and a dishwasher. To integrate with furniture, an espresso machine, a freezer, and various gadgets for the countertop are suitable: a teppanyaki grill, a deep fryer, a wok-panel, a barbecue grill, an overhead cutting board and much more.

#. Conclusion

In the heart of every home, the kitchen stands as a testament to both functionality and style. A well-designed kitchen interior is more than a space for culinary pursuits; it’s a reflection of the household’s character. From the harmonious arrangement of appliances to the carefully chosen color palette, every detail contributes to the overall ambiance.

As we conclude our exploration of kitchen interiors, remember that it’s not just about aesthetics but also about creating a space that inspires creativity, fosters togetherness, and serves as the backdrop for countless shared moments.

Whether it’s a cozy family dinner or a bustling gathering of friends, the kitchen is where memories are seasoned and traditions are savored. So, design with purpose, infuse your personality, and let your kitchen become the heart and soul of your home.

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#. FAQs

Q.1: How can I maximize storage in a small kitchen?

A.1: Optimize vertical space with shelves, use pull-out drawers, and consider multifunctional furniture. Declutter by storing items you rarely use in accessible but less-used spaces.

Q.2: What are the key elements of a functional kitchen?

A.2: A functional kitchen includes well-organized storage, efficient workflow zones, quality appliances, proper lighting, and durable surfaces for easy maintenance.

Q.3: How can I add personality to my kitchen without a major renovation?

A.3: Introduce colorful accessories, unique lighting fixtures, or a statement backsplash. Display personal items, like cookbooks or vintage kitchenware, for added charm.

Q.4: What flooring options are suitable for a kitchen?

A.4: Durable and water-resistant options like ceramic tile, vinyl, or hardwood with a protective finish are ideal. Choose flooring that complements your kitchen’s style and is easy to clean.

Q.5: How can I create a cohesive color scheme in my kitchen?

A.5: Select a dominant color and complement it with neutral tones or contrasting accents. Ensure that the chosen colors align with your desired mood and overall aesthetic.

Q.6: What lighting is essential for a well-lit kitchen?

A.6: Incorporate a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Pendant lights over the island, under-cabinet lighting, and a central fixture create a well-lit and visually appealing space.

Q.7: Are there space-saving solutions for a small kitchen?

A.7: Utilize wall-mounted shelves, pull-out pantry racks, and compact appliances. Consider foldable tables or bar stools that can be tucked away when not in use.

Q.8: How do I choose the right kitchen layout for my space?

A.8: Consider the size and shape of your kitchen. Common layouts include U-shaped, L-shaped, galley, and open-concept designs. Choose one that maximizes efficiency and suits your lifestyle.

Q.9: What are the trends in kitchen design for this year?

A.9: Current trends include matte finishes, smart appliances, sustainable materials, open shelving, and a focus on functionality. However, timeless styles like farmhouse kitchens remain popular.

Q.10: How can I maintain the cleanliness of my kitchen?

A.10: Regularly clean surfaces, appliances, and utensils. Establish a routine for organizing and decluttering. Use proper cleaning agents suitable for your kitchen’s materials to preserve their quality.

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