67 Best Scandinavian Style Bedroom Ideas

67 Gorgeous Images For Scandinavian Style Bedroom

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The Scandinavian style bedroom is perhaps one of the most trending and popular trends in interior design today. This style has successfully passed the initiation, transformed and settled in our souls and homes. And why? Yes, because the Scandinavian style calls for lightness, freedom and makes you feel like a princess in a beautiful castle called apartment.

Today, along with Dekorin professionals, rolling up our sleeves, we will be inspired to equip the bedroom in a Scandinavian style. Do you want to join?

Then go ahead, read on!

61 Gorgeous Images For Scandinavian Style Bedroom
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Scandinavian Style In The Bedroom: Features And Attention To Detail

So, let’s begin. We will not describe the main postulates and principles of the Scandinavian style (you can read all this here), but we will share the features of the arrangement of the bedroom.

Feature # 1 Eclectic Scandinavian-Style Bedroom Design

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is characterized by a tendency to eclecticism. What does it mean? Firstly, if you notice, then quite universal accessories suitable for other styles can migrate to this type of bedroom. See photo:bedroom design in scandinavian scandinavian bedroom design spacious room

For example, this chandelier is itself borrowed from the loft,scandinavian interior design characteristicstraditional scandinavian interior designHowever, this does not mean that the Scandinavian-style bedroom is a collection of everything that came to hand, no. Nobody canceled the sense of style and measure.traditional scandinavian interior designscandinavian style bedroom 3dscandinavian style little thingLook, because these pictures show how balanced and successfully each element of the decor looks, although they touched us from completely different styles.

Feature No. 2 Wallpaper in the bedroom Scandinavian style

In the Scandinavian style everything is possible, but in moderation. Let’s look at the example of wallpaper. That’s where you can roam to the fullest!

Wallpaper can not be glued at all, as in this photo:scandinavian style bedroom decorscandinavian style bedroom

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Wallpaper can be borrowed from the Provence style (remember the postulate of eclecticism):

wallpaper-in-the-bedroom-scandinavian-style-with-flowersYou can make an accent wall at the head of the bed (or anywhere else):wallpaper-in-the-bedroom-scandinavian-style-turquoiseYou can even use photo and 3D wallpapers! Look how beautiful, and at the same time, very atmospheric. Cool, right?wallpaper-in-the-bedroom-scandinavian-style-forestThis is how the wallpaper in the bedroom (whatever it is) will complement, or can fully express the Scandinavian style in the bedroom. This is convenient, isn’t it?scandinavian bed roombedroom ideas

Feature No. 3 Scandinavian-style curtains in the bedroom

Curtains are a separate issue. Everything is very simple, discreet and unobtrusive. If you dream of heavy curtains embroidered with gold – you are not here. Because the Scandinavian style curtains in the bedroom are simple, natural fabrics on the floor, which are designed to spread natural light throughout the room, rather than collecting dust.scandinavian bedroom design tipsscandinavian bedroom furniturescandinavian style bedroom furniture

By the way, to give the bedroom even more airiness and a feeling of lightness, use a light tulle. It will brighten your room and scatter sunlight, creating the effect of a snowy, cool morning in the mountains of distant Scandinavia.

Like? U.S. too!

Feature No. 4 Scandinavian-style bedroom chandelier

As for the chandelier, then here you can and not at all “steam up” on this issue. A minimalist Ilyich’s light bulb on a black wire hanging over your bed will be enough.

If you want more light, make such a “spider” (see photo below), and you are guaranteed beauty!

scandinavian storage bed

The great thing about all this is the fact that all of these devices can be built with your own hands! Not bad, what do you think?

If you want something massive, pay attention to these options:scandinavian headboardKnitted lampshade, or beautiful monoplafon in the form of a ball will complement your interior and take on some of the attention.scandinavian house bed67 Best Scandinavian Style Bedroom Ideas 167 Best Scandinavian Style Bedroom Ideas 2

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Just the case when the chandelier in the bedroom in the Scandinavian style plays the role of one of the main accents in the interior.67 Best Scandinavian Style Bedroom Ideas 3

Feature No. 5 Bed in a Scandinavian-style bedroom
The bed in the Scandinavian style bedroom can be different. Let’s figure it out!

1.The bed should not have massive railingsScandinavian-style-bedroom-bed-options

2.The design itself should be made of natural materials (preferably wood);Scandinavian-style-bedroom-bed-photo

3.If you want to focus on the bed, use the technique as in the picture below:Scandinavian-style-cube-bedroom-bed

4.You don’t even have to bother and put a huge mattress on the floor – now you have a bed.Scandinavian-style-bedroom-bed-frameless5. scandinavian style bedroom
scandinavian style bedroom house

The main requirement is that the bed should be massive with a bunch of pillows of different shapes, bedspreads and warm blankets, then the desired effect will be achieved within the framework of this style.

White Scandinavian bedroom – a genius of pure beauty

A white Scandinavian-style bedroom is the choice for the brave. Well, you must admit that many of us are frightened by the fact that the white walls will resemble a hospital, quickly get bored or dirty. However, the beauty that you can give a snow-white color in the bedroom is incomparable with anything! Just admire the examples:White Scandinavian bedroomscandinavian twin bedWhite Scandinavian bedroom - a genius of pure beautyYes, of course, not everything should be snow-white. This is just the case when we can, and should even, shade and accent certain areas with the help of accessories!A white Scandinavian-style bedroom is the choice for the brave. Well, you must admit that many of us are frightened by the fact that the white walls will resemble a hospital, quickly get bored or dirty.A white Scandinavian-style bedroom is the choice for the brave.61 Gorgeous Images For Scandinavian Style BedroomIt can be frames on the walls, lamps, plaids … but anything, in general!

Do not worry, the white bedroom will not bore you, and it can always be supplemented with any accessories and pleasant trifles – this is convenient.

Gray bedroom in Scandinavian style: practicality and asceticism

For lovers of less risky decisions, a gray Scandinavian-style bedroom is well suited. Look, because this color can be used in so many ways!Gray bedroom in Scandinavian styleGray bedroom in Scandinavian style practicality and asceticismInterestingly, even the dark, gray walls in the Scandinavian style do not look gloomy at all, and even very stylish and interesting, is not it?Interestingly, even the dark, gray walls in the Scandinavian style do not look gloomy at all, and even very stylish and interesting,

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Gray can be combined with basic white as follows:

Gray can be combined with basic white as follows

With all shades of natural wood, as in this photo:With all shades of natural wood, as in this photoWith all shades of natural wood, as in this photosGray linen will perfectly complement the image of the bedroom, and certainly will be more practical than its white counterparts.scandinavian headboardscandinavian house bedIn general, the gray Scandinavian-style bedroom will definitely not disappoint you, so try, implement and enjoy the result!

Attic Scandinavian-style bedrooms: cozy corner

If you live in a private house or in an apartment on the top floor, you can arrange a bedroom in the attic.

Scandinavian style fits perfectly in the attic. After all, rough walls and wooden beams here will only become an adornment for your beautiful eyes. See for yourself how you can beat this!Attic ScandinavianAttic Scandinavian-style bedrooms cozy cornerIn a word, the beauty and comfort of the Scandinavian-style bedroom in the attic is due to the very specific structure of this room. So such a choice would be a win-win, that’s for sure!scandinavian style bedroom furniture ukscandinavian style bedroom pinterestscandinavian style roomsscandinavian style bedroom designscandinavian style bedroom apartmentscandinavian style bedroom apartments for rentscandinavian style bedroom accessoriesscandinavian style bedroom decorscandinavian style bedroom qualityscandinavian style bedroom rentalsscandinavian style bedroom wall decorscandinavian style bedroom wallscandinavian style small bedroomWell, you are familiar with the basic principles of style. We hope you enjoyed the article and your Scandinavian-style bedroom will now take on the look you would like. We wish you good luck and new achievements at the design Olympus! Believe in yourself, surround loved ones with warmth, beauty and love!

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