12 Great Syn Slimming World Slow Cooker Recipes Beef


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A crock-pot is the daughter of a frying pan and a rice cooker, which inherited the best parental qualities. It can cook for a long time, quietly and gently. And maybe quickly, violently and at the same time also smoothly. Also, automation almost eliminates the risk of missing a dish. For all this, she is loved by the people.

We have chosen a dozen recipes that can be cooked in a slow cooker. There are borsch and roast beef with boiled pork, which requires completely different approaches, and fish, and corn porridge, which needs gentle stew, and two very different desserts: cheesecake and charlotte. Some recipes were invented and tested in the editorial office, and some belong to readers of our site.

Below Are The Best #12 Slimming World Slow Cooker Recipes Beef

12 Borscht

This borsch does not require beetroot frying and phasing the ingredients in a pan. Everything is put immediately and cooked for an hour and a half.


11 Boiled Pork With Garlic

Pork chop must first be pickled in garlic and olive oil, then fry in a skillet, and only then send it to the slow cooker for three hours.

Boiled pork with garlic

10 Roast Beef

Roast beef, unlike the boiled pork from the previous recipe, does not require preliminary roasting and does not need to be baked to the end. Therefore, here the crock-pot takes on the lion’s share of work.

Roast beef

9 Duck Breast With Stewed Vegetables And Champignons

Easy, quick recipe in which duck breast is first fried in a slow cooker. Then, in a fat, combined with maple syrup and soy sauce, stew vegetables. After everything connects for another 15 minutes to become one.

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Duck breast with stewed vegetables and champignons

8 Chicken With Stewed Garlic, Potatoes, Green Asparagus And Pepper

Chicken marinated for about an hour in a spicy-sweet sauce, and then quietly cooked in a slow cooker, where alternately it will be necessary to add the remaining ingredients.

Chicken with Stewed Garlic, Potatoes, Green Asparagus and Pepper

7 Dorado with Asian Sauce

Dorada is first quietly and quickly cooked in a slow cooker at 52 degrees, and then lightly roasted in peanut butter. With spicy and fragrant sauce, then it will be combined in a plate.

Dorado with Asian Sauce

6 Pork Loin With Wild Rice, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, And Tarragon

A calm recipe in which pork loin is brought to a state of extreme tenderness. But since it is cooked with vegetables, make sure that the vegetables do not turn into jellies.

Pork loin with wild rice, pumpkin, tomatoes, and tarragon

5 Sea Bass With Noodles, Bell Pepper, Broccoli And Mushrooms

The fish, along with vegetables and mushrooms, is stewed in a slow cooker in a mixture of fish broth and white wine, and the noodles are cooked separately.

Sea bass with noodles, bell pepper, broccoli and mushrooms

4 Rabbit With Honey Mushrooms, Basmati Rice, And Green Beans

The dish is entirely cooked only in a slow cooker. However, you need to send the ingredients there in a particular sequence: first a rabbit, then mushrooms, and then rice and beans.

Rabbit with honey mushrooms, basmati rice, and green beans

3 Corn Grits Porridge

Corn porridge is cooked for a long time, and it requires low temperature and a bath mode. A crock-pot, in this case, is ideal. In it, porridge cooks a little faster than in a conventional pan, and all the ingredients are sent to the boiler at the same time.

Corn grits porridge

2 Cheesecake

First, crumbs are made from the Yubileiny cookies, which will become the basis of the cheesecake, and then cream from Philadelphia cheese mixed with eggs, zest, and powdered sugar is placed on top. The rest will do the slow cooker.

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1 Charlotte

Charlotte multicooker is even good: most likely, cooked in this way, it is guaranteed not to be dry. Here, as sometimes in the stove, charlotte is cooked upside down, so the lowest layer of apples should be beautiful.