75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is the heart of every home. We show you what tips and ideas you can use to set up the room beautifully and practically. You will find the best living room ideas at a glance. Here we show you our 75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas, “have a look”.

It is the heart of every home: the living room. Reason enough to pay sufficient attention to our living room with stylish decoration – after all, it only gets invited and cozy with a decorative finishing.

Whether a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway, each room plays an important role in the Farmhouse or the apartment and should be beautifully designed. However, one place, which should be given a lot of attention when furnishing is the living room.

After all, this is usually the most significant room and the room in which our guests stay, and we also spend a lot of time. Here we can show you which decoration, furniture, colors & plants, and which light is best suited for your Farmhouse living room.

75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
What Are The Different Home Decorating Styles
What Are The Different Home Decorating Styles – Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Modern Home Decor Ideas


Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas With Color

Before you start designing your Farmhouse living room, two criteria are essential first. Think about the colors and also the style of living you prefer. So you have an excellent base for your living room furnishings and can perfectly match all other decoration elements. With your favorite colors and style, you immediately give your living room a beautiful individual character.

Of course, a mix of different furnishing styles is always allowed; it is only important that the individual components harmonize nicely and not cause any trouble. The same applies to the color scheme in the living room. Here, different shades bring beautiful momentum to your four walls, but the Farmhouse living room colors should always compliment each other well in the best case.

Tones such as white, light grey, or cream are considered stylish classics. With pastel colors such as light blue, or mint green, you get lovely lightness into the living room. More intense shades such as violet, ocean blue, or sun yellow provide bright splashes of color and exciting contrasts.

75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Want to know more about the color effect in the Farmhouse living room?

No matter which color combination you choose, with fresh colors, you always decorate “interior decoration” your living room with an atmospheric touch and skilfully spice up your interior. Of course, this applies not only to the wall color but also to the entire color concept of furniture, textiles, and accessories.

 modern home decor ideas uk - 75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
modern home decor ideas photos - 75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

modern home decor ideas on a budgetmodern home decor ideas pinterestmodern home decor ideas images

Living Room Ideas For The Wall: Wall Decoration

The wall paint plays an important role in the living room, and the wall decoration ensures that empty, boring walls have no chance. A Gallery Wall, aka picture wall with different posters and photographs, is best suited for this purpose. Wallpaper or a wall covering (for example, made of wood) brings a breath of fresh air into the living room.

modern home decor ideas images modern decor ideas at homeModern Home Decor Ideas modern contemporary home decor ideas diy modern home decor ideasmodern decorating ideas for homemodern home decor ideas gallery modern home decor ideas house5 Traditional DecorDecorating The Farmhouse Living Room With Textiles

Sure: Chic home textiles are THE guarantee of coziness in your Farmhouse living room and play a decisive role in a beautiful spatial effect. Whether cuddly decorative cushions and plaids, fluffy skins, chic carpets, or curtains – textiles always bring a decent dose of warmth and comfort to the four walls and underline the personal furnishing style.

Similarly, home textiles are a popular decorative element that must be used in style at home with harmonic colors, patterns, and shapes. So a sofa with the unbeatable pair of decorations of pillows and plaids looks much more inviting, right? Pads, arranged in different sizes, bring the incredible swing to the sofa.

Carpets not only conjure up the warmth in the living room, but they also help to divide the space utilizing small residential islands visually.

Beautiful DIY idea: specially created pillowcases embroidered with motifs of your choice, e.g., a heart or a beautiful word – this gives your sofa a personal touch or serves as an original gift idea for your loved ones.

traditional decorating styleTraditional Decortraditional decorating ideastraditional decorating ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas: Furniture

Before you think about the decoration, the furniture should be fixed, because it forms the basis of the entire furnishing. Which furniture best suits your living room depends on several factors. How big is space? What style do you like?

Does a design piece have to be made, or does it also do the budget variant? Depending on the answers to these questions, there are countless possibilities for couch, armchair & co. In any case, there are a few pieces of furniture that should be in every living room.

Traditional Decor

A sofa: A living room without a couch? Unthinkable! The most important thing when choosing this piece of furniture is that it is comfortable. A hard or too small or narrow sofa is a big no-no. Poor quality in terms of the quality of the fabric is also not recommended.

So if there’s a must-have for the living room, it’s a comfortable, high-quality sofa. Of course, it is even better if it also offers storage space – perfect for small Apartments!

Traditional Decor with sofaDifferent Home Decorating StylesTraditional Decor with home

Several seats: If you want enough space for your guests in the living room, you probably need more than just a sofa. Of course, there is no need for a second sofa, a chaise longue or a huge, space-eating armchair.

If you have a small living room, it is best to rely on poufs or stools. Plus point: Such seating is also suitable as a side table in case of doubt! Also practical: a large seat cushion or upholstered dining table chairs, which look like armchairs, but are significantly smaller and therefore space-saving.

Traditional Decor

Traditional Decor - What Are The Different Home Decorating Styles

75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas 1traditional decorating styletraditional decorating trends for 2019traditional american decortraditional home decor accessories

4 Tropical Farmhouse Home Decor – Tropical And Marine Decor

Decorating The Farmhouse Living Room With Home Accessories

Small, but oho, and inconceivable when it comes to living room design: decorative accessories. With them, you give your living room a very personal character and can achieve a great effect with small changes without having to redesign your entire living room immediately.

Candles in shapely candle holders always create a magical atmosphere with their flickering light. Stylish vases perfectly showcase your flowers. With chic decoration plates, adorned with, e.g., flowers or collected shells from the beach, you can skillfully throw your living room into the shell.

75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Of course, a beautiful wall decoration should not be missing. So you tell your personal story through many picture frames with photos of your loved one and give your living room an individual touch.

With other wall decorations such as watches, posters, or wall mirrors, you can create a wonderful homely atmosphere and variety. In addition to their decorative effect, wall mirrors also have the advantage of making small rooms appear larger and reflect the daylight wonderfully.

Also, always a nice decoration idea: “ideas for home” With DIY decoration made of, e.g., specially picked flowers, twigs, or fruits, you let your living room bloom wonderfully. You always get a beautiful piece of nature into the living room.

Tropical Home Decortropical home decor ideastropical home decor accessoriestropical home decor pinteresttropical decor for hometropical home decor uk

Professional design tip: Group scented candles and other decorations on a pretty tray – whether made of marble, wood, or metal. It has a cleaner effect and brings together the individual decorative elements.

tropical home decor accessoriestropical style home decortropical home decor 2019tropical home decor fabrictropical quilt fabricmaui fabric marttropical print material

3 Moroccan Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Once you have decided on the right living room furniture, you can finally dedicate yourself to the decoration. Think about what the general style of your living room should be, for example, minimalist timeless-elegant. You can then choose the right accessories and decorative objects, such as vases, candlesticks, picture frames, mirrors, room fragrances.Moroccan Home Decor Ideasmoroccan style home decor ideas

No matter how pretty the rest of the decor is: textiles such as pillows and curtains complete everything and provide every home with the necessary portion of coziness. Various pillows are not to be missed on the sofa, and a blanket is also a must.

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A coffee table: A cool coffee table is not to be missed. It doesn’t have to be an XXL table made of marble or solid wood – even a small, filigree coffee table looks great and fulfills its purpose. Very popular at the moment and extremely practical, because you can put them together in no time and thus theoretically save space.

modern moroccan fashion

2 Decorating The Farmhouse Living Room With Lamps

First your Farmhouse living room decoration is the right lighting. After all, even the most beautiful living room furnishings come to the force in the perfect light and can fully unfold their decorative charm. Factors such as room size and ceiling height play a role in using lighting as a living room decoration.

Large rooms, you will miss a central anchor point with a large ceiling lamp. In small living rooms, the magic word is indirect lighting. A place looks much more significant when its walls are gently illuminated.

But not only for small rooms, but indirect lighting is also a useful decoration idea for the living room. Generally, subtly used light sources conjure up a cozy feel-good atmosphere and can emphasize decorations such as pictures on the wall in style.

75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

Whether luminaires on shelves, pendant lamps, wall lamps, a chic floor lamp, or, most importantly, many small table lamps – beautifully arranged, various lamps create beautiful light islands for an atmospheric ambiance in the Farmhouse living room that invites you to linger.

Always an eye-catcher: A trendy vintage chandelier brings nostalgic charm to the living room!

Eclectic Decoreclectic decor stylevintage eclectic decorating style

With the right lighting, you can skillfully put your living room decoration in the right light. Indirect lighting is ideal for the living room: instead of just a ceiling lamp, place on several light sources that illuminate the room, not directly or indirectly.

With dimmable ceiling spots, table and floor lamps, and small helpers such as candles or fairy lights, a pleasant view is created that does not look bright, but inviting and cozy. This kind of light makes every living room look modern.

hanging birds decor
farmhouse living room decorating ideas
hanging light decoration
hanging light decor – farmhouse living room decorating ideas

eclectic style living roomeclectic decor pinteresteclectic decorating on a budgetlow cost home decor

A shelf: books, magazines, picture frames, are best kept on a shelf. But beware: This is by no means full, but rather a small concept in advance, how to stage your decorative objects in style (and yet practically). A bit of freedom here and there is always suitable for the decoration, and books sorted by color are probably one of the most important living.

75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

home decoration

1 Decorating The Farmhouse Living Room With Plants

Speaking of nature: Another decoration must-have for your Farmhouse living room are plants in any form. Whether small colorful flowers or green plants, they freshen up your living room and give your four walls a natural, lively ambiance.

So that they do not lose their decorative charm, regular care must not be forgotten. Easy-care houseplants such as succulents, palm plants, ivy, or orchids simplify the care ritual.

Of course, the placement of the plants in the living room is also important. In this way, most houseplants should, at best, get plenty of daylight and air. Embedded in pretty plant pots, each plant becomes a decorative eye-catcher and can create unused corners.

In addition to green plants in plant pots, colorful cut flowers naturally provide decoration fine-tuning. In pretty vases, they decorate the sideboard and dresser with colored accents and serve as a refreshing table decoration on the coffee table. The practical thing is that you can replace cut flowers according to the season and requirements to give your living room a new look with little effort.

For those less blessed with a green thumb, artificial plants provide a remedy. Here you should only make sure that they look as real as possible so that the decorative effect is not lost.

eclectic decorating ideas for living roomscozy eclectic living room

eclectic family room

Probably no other living element brings so much life into one’s own four walls as plants and flowers – this also applies to the living room. While fresh flowers such as peonies or tulips are always good, it can be quite expensive to buy at least one new bouquet each week.

What Are The Different Home Decorating Styles
75 Creative DIY Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Ideas

bohemian living roomlow cost home decorWhat Are The Different Home Decorating Styles


For your Farmhouse Living Room Decorating Idea design, the decoration is the be-all and end-all to create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere. In addition to colors, the use of beautiful house plants and cut flowers, textiles in harmonic sizes, shapes and patterns, and various light sources and pretty home accessories, they play a decisive role here.

Of course, your furniture, such as sofa, armchair, or coffee table, also serves as a decorative element in your living room. For example, a bookshelf is not only a piece of storage furniture but also a chic decoration piece for your belongings.

So, and now we wish you a lot of fun with your living room decoration!

Regards: Sarah

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