13 Genius Hidden Safe Ideas For Home

11 Genius Hidden Safe Ideas For Home

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Living in small home & apartments there is an eternal problem of storing things that are not necessary at the moment. Most often it is solved with the help of transforming furniture, but do not forget about the compact storage of many necessary items in everyday life. Designers continue to search for a place that everything was at hand, but at the same time things did not take up much space. And even better, if this place can be used for some other purpose. So read on hidden safe ideas for home.

Keeping things in drawers under the bed has long been known by all. But the idea of storing things under the floor in the bedroom is new. It’s perfect for small rooms. Small-things-easily-hide-in-the-headboards-of-the-bed
In the interior of the bedroom there are several elements that are simply impossible to refuse, although their functionality is minimal, such as the headboard of the bed. But it is perfect for storing bed linen, clothes and more. The-platform-in-the-room-can-be-full-of-surprises - 13 Genius Hidden Safe Ideas For HomeThere's-a-lot-of-useful-space-missing-from-the-platformA room with a platform can be full of surprises. The platform is not only suitable for the equipment of a sleeping place or recreation area. You can hide a few boxes and compartments for storing things. Storage-compartments-under-the-stepsIn modern apartments, stairs are often used to store things. A simple and practical way to clear space from unused items. Even one or two steps will be enough for the equipment of the compartments. Laptop-drawerSometimes in the kitchen you have to solve the dilemma, so that the laptop was at hand, but did not interfere. And on his knees to keep it uncomfortable. To do this, you can wield a special retractable box-table. Under-the-stairwell-you-can-equip-a-whole-basementA flight of stairs is often an unused area. But even for it you can find a smart application and equip under it storage. Loose-products-are-better-stored-in-a-container - Hidden Safe Ideas For HomeThe kitchen is incredibly convenient containers for storing bulk products. The most important thing is to hide them so that they were at hand, but also did not spoil the appearance of the kitchen. Storage-compartments-in-a-soft-cornerIn the kitchen, you can equip a compartment for storing things in the seats of a soft corner. All this should be foreseen in the process of their creation. Side-drawers-for-storing-thingsIf you do not want to constantly lift the seated, the drawers should be equipped on the side. There-are-a-lot-of-useful-things-in-the-back-of-the-kitchen-cornerMost of the space is needed in the kitchen, because it is almost always full of dishes, appliances, accessories. So you have to look for unusual places to clean it all up. With a surprise may be the back of the kitchen corner.Storage-compartment-in-the-doorwayEvery house has dead zones that are unsuitable for anything. These are corners and doorways. Why not take advantage of the unused space. Bed-space-as-a-storage-spaceYou can use the space under the bed in different ways. We offer an example of how, lifting a mattress with a simple mechanism, you can get a huge compartment for storing things.

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