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18 Simple Clever Storage Ideas For Small Houses & Kitchens

The problem of storing things is relevant in any small house, especially in a small apartment. When every meter counts, you need to think about how to distribute everything rationally. This will definitely help 18 simple clever storage ideas for small houses & apartments.

18 Fruit Rack – Clever Storage Ideas For Small HousesFruit rack - Clever Storage Ideas For Small Houses

A simple rack for fruit, which can be built with your own hands from wooden boards and simple metal baskets, will become a stylish decoration of one of the walls of the kitchen. In addition, such a rack, being all the time in plain sight, will remind households of the need to eat vitamins.

17 Drinks RackDrinks rack

Practical homemade rack of wooden boards and cheap plastic boxes can be placed in the yard of a private house and used to store bottles of drinks, children’s toys, small garden equipment or any other things needed for recreation and work in nature.

16 DryerDryer

In a small apartment it is difficult to find a place for a standard dryer. However, fixing the grille for drying laundry under the ceiling, you can save a lot of space and solve the problem with wet clothes.

15 Shoe StorageShoe storage

A high rack with open shelves, hidden behind tight curtains, will contain a huge amount of shoes and help to get rid of a bunch of unesthetic boxes.

14 Rack Outside The DoorRack outside the door

The space behind the door is often empty and useless. However, owners of small rooms can use it wisely. For example, to install a compact almost imperceptible rack, which is suitable for storing books, decor items and other small things.

13 Headboard With ShelvesHeadboard with shelves

The headboard of a bed with small shelves on which you can place several books, glasses, a glass of water and some other trifles – a great alternative to the usual bedside table.

12 Spice Storage

Spice Storage

The crevices between the fridge and the wall can be used to place narrow roll-out racks for spices, sauces and small food supplies.

11 Mini Ironing Board (Clever Storage Ideas For Small Houses)Mini ironing board (Clever Storage Ideas For Small Houses)

Compact ironing board with a folding mechanism, which can be fixed in any corner or hidden behind the facade of a small locker, will be a real find for owners of tiny apartments.

10 Tire StorageTire storage

All motorists face the problem of storing seasonal rubber. Hanger with four metal hooks, securely fixed under the ceiling of the garage, shed or common corridor, will help conveniently, and most importantly almost imperceptibly place tires.

9 Shelves On The DoorShelves on the door

A simple rack with lattice containers, fixed on the door to the bathroom, will help to solve the issue of storing a mass of necessary little things, for which there is no place in such a modest space. This rack is ideal for placing styling products and tools, decorative cosmetics and bath accessories.

8 Hooks On The LockerHooks on the locker

You can store grips, towels and cutting boards on small hooks attached to the side wall of the kitchen headset.

7 Hanging ContainersHanging containers

Railing with a few small containers pinned over the kitchen sink is a great idea for storing washed vegetables, fruits, detergents and other small things.

6 Bicycle FasteningBicycle fastening

Stop tripping over the bikes, which also occupy a good half of the corridor. Keep them in limbo on special brackets.

5 Table With A SecretTable with a secret

Owners of small apartments should definitely take a closer look at ergonomic and functional furniture. For example, to coffee tables with soft textile upholstery and lifting countertops, under which you can store a lot of different little things.

4 Street HangerStreet hanger

A simple hanger, which can be made with your own hands from a wooden slat and peg, is perfect for storing rubber boots and galoshes on the country porch.

3 Tool OrganizerTool organizer

Small pieces of plastic pipes can be used to create a comfortable and ergonomic organizer, which is suitable for storing small hand tools, stationery and creative devices.

2 Large Tool RackLarge toolrack

A large rack, which can be made with your own hands from a construction pallet or wooden reeks, will help to place a lot of different parts and clean up the garage.

1 Narrow Laundry Rack (Clever Storage Ideas)

A narrow wooden rack with several deep plastic baskets will help to acquire an ergonomic system for sorting and storing laundry. Narrow laundry rack (Clever Storage Ideas)Video Bonus:

When there is little space, the furniture-transformer comes to the rescue. These 18 secret storage sites are simply brilliant in their simplicity.

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