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Short French Tip Acrylic Nails

French manicure is always relevant. But what to choose if the classic version is a bit tired? Traditional French manicure is a “naked” or dairy base with sickle-white tips, but why these particular colors? After all, you can paint your nails with a rainbow! You can transform only the tips, choosing either only one favorite color, or the entire palette – one color per nail.

And if you want to see other trend options, look into our selection of manicure ideas!

Collections Of Long And Short French Tip Acrylic Nails

red french manicure

multi-colored french

color jacket

You can play with the form – and paint not only the tip of the nail, but the hole at the base. If you want to look very stylish and bright – experiment with all of the above, giving rise to beautiful combinations.
unusual jacket

color french manicure

By the way, why only one strip? It’s not fair! Devour and draw a few! It will be a good addition to your favorite classic design.

blue jacketrainbow manicure

And why boring strips? After all, they can be replaced with flowers and lay out a beautiful pattern on the tip of the nail, turning your hands into a magical garden. Do not like floral tenderness? Choose the stains and divorces! You can stylize them under the pink glaze, or you can leave a beautiful, brilliant minimalism.

flower jacket

flower manicureflowers on nailsmanicure with flowersunusual jacketsequined manicurebeautiful manicureunusual jacket

Very beautiful when the strip at the tip clearly stands out, but even more beautiful when it smoothly changes to the base color of the nail! Therefore, try the trend ombre, as one of the variants of the classic french.

ombreombre manicure

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