81 Easy Nail Art Designs For Fall At Home

81 Easy Nail Art Designs For Fall At Home

Modern fashion puts forward different and very contradictory conditions, but it is only at our fingertips. When absolutely everything is allowed, there is only one problem – agonizing choice. So what easy nail art designs by hand to choose in 2019?

Simple Nail Art Designs For Fall -2019

Five of the most important and current trends in nail design are in front of you.

5 Metallic Plus Jewelry

It seems that the fashion industry in recent years lives under the motto “Even more glitter!” The varnishes with the shimmer and glitter, nail jewelry, imitating gems, rhinestones and stickers with the effect of a mirror surface – all these trends are familiar to us not for the first year.

But in 2019 we are waiting for something new: paint your nails with a radiant varnish, and on top of glue a few rhinetens, curly jewelry or pieces of foil – get the most fashionable radiant image. You can also supplement the shimmer base with a drawing.Simple Nail Art Designs

Simple Nail Art Designs - Metallic Plus Jewelrys Simple Nail Art Designs - Metallic Plus Jewelrys pink nail art - Simple Nail Art Designs

4 Black Patterns

Graphic black drawings on top of a transparent background are another trend in the 2019 nail design. The main thing in such a nail art designs – the perfect embodiment: the lines should be clear and smooth.Black Patterns

3 Vanguard

Paintings by Rothko, Malevich and Kandinsky which season do not give nylon-bloggers peace. Vanguarda nail art with avant-gardeVanguard - a nail art with avant-gardeVanguard - a nail art with avant-garde - a nail art with red-white-black

2 Jewels

We will take this trend with us from 2018: this year there was a real boom in nails decorated with artificial stones, pearls and gold beads. And in fashion and minimalist design, which decorate one or two nails, and excessive decoration. But the last option, of course, is not for office everyday life. nail art bling rhinestonesJewels jewel nail artnail art bling rhinestonesnails decorated with artificial stonesJewels design not for every day office lifeThe novelty of 2019 – really large “jewelry” compositions on one of the nails. Reminiscent of special nail rings.jewel nail art designs jewel nail art designsnails with easy disign

1 Black And White Nail Art

The classic combination of black and white has been forgotten in recent years, but in 2019 this injustice will have to be corrected. Nail art designs “in a checker,” graphic French or black-and-white drawings on nails – choose the image to your liking.Black And White Nail ArtBlack And White Nail Artblack and white french nailsblack and white french nailsblack and white french nailsblack and white french nails

Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners – Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

Nine most important and current trends in Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

9 Sharp Nails

Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners
81 Easy Nail Art Designs For Fall At Home

Sharp nails often look aggressive and inappropriate, but it’s easy to fix. First, don’t grow them too long. Secondly, choose the right nail design: with sharp nails harmoniously combined French, ombre and “cat’s eye.” These techniques will help to literally smooth the corners.

8 Almond-shaped

In fashion, almond-shaped nails are medium length and long. At the same time, to stay in the trend is not necessary to come up with an intricate design, just make a neat nail art designs(this will help you video below) and paint your nails with colored varnish.

But don’t overdo it: extremely long claws are not welcome.Almond-shapedAlmond-shaped

7 Oval – Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

If we seriously talk about nyl-trends, one thing can be said for sure: the form of “soft square” gives up positions and transfers the palm of primacy to long oval and round nails. One of the interesting options for nyle art for 2019 is oval or round nails, “circled” by varnish. The line can be both monochrome and multicolored. Note that this design looks chic on both short and long nails.Ovaloval nailsoval nails - long and short

6 The “ballerina” form

As well as sharp, nails form “ballerina” very capricious and require a special approach. paint your nails with light varnishes of pink and peach range or even transparent. ballerina nailsballerina nails whiteballerina nails short If you like a more intricate design, decorate your nails with miniature rhinestones or beads.the nail art designs look tender and feminine

5 Minion Nail Art

The most fashionable color of varnish in 2019, and in any other – one that fits perfectly with the tone of your skin. But if you keep a close eye on the slightest changes on the fashion front, check out the list of shades that have been seen on shows most often.minion nail art designsminion nail art - 21 Idea & 81 Images Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand minion nail art

4 Grey

The book “Fifty Shades of Grey” could be devoted to modern nail art designs: ash, marengo, blue, taup – choose for the design of nails any lacquer of gray scale. This color is also good because it goes well with any other. Tip: If you have pale skin, it is better to prefer darker and richer shades.dark grey matte nails - Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand grey nails matte grey nails matte grey nails grey nail art designs grey nail art

3 Yellow

But with a yellow scale, unlike gray, everything is unambiguous. Look for the most fashionable shades in the pastel palette. Delicate lemon, banana, mustard, almost brown – the best choice in 2019. But it is better to try this trend closer to summer or during vacation at sea: with tanned skin such varnishes are combined best.yellow nails yellow nails cure yellow nails artyellow nails art - nail designs

2 Orange – Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

The most fashionable shade of orange in 2019 is a delicate peach. For very pale skin it is not contraindicated, but all the others can try on a variety of nail-images, created on the basis of such varnish. We’re working on a few ideas.orange nails orange nails designs orange ombre nails orange and white nail art

1 Green

There are no strict restrictions on what kind of green varnish to add to the cosmetics in 2019, but there is a tip: stop your choice on emerald. First, this nail art designs is quite consistent with the trend for “precious” nail design.

Secondly, such varnish painted nails models at several important shows of Fashion Week. And this is a pretty weighty argument. What can be supplemented with an emerald nail art, see in our photo collection.green nail polishgreen nail art mint green nails with designsmint green acrylic nails

Winter Nail Art – Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

With new year easy nail art designs is more or less clear, but how to diversify nail designs in the rest of the winter months? We have a few ideas.

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8 Cell

The checkered nail art designs, reminiscent of the cozy warmth of the plaid, is suitable for the cold season as best as possible. Scottish cage (“tartan”), “goose bump,” vichy – options a lot.cellThe checkered nail art designs checkered nails design checkered nails design checkered nails design checkered nails design - with plan

7 Short nude nails

Cropped “under zero” and painted with beige nail varnish – hit shows autumn-winter 2018-2019. Perhaps the most pleasant trend: it is easiest to match. Well, to the idea exactly successful, study the article, how to pick up nude varnish under the color of the skin.Short nude nailsShort nude nails

6 Winter French

French nail art, supplemented with winter patterns, is a great idea for a seasonal nail art designs. We talked about the main nuances of the french in this video.

winter french french nail designs


5 Hologram

The nail art designs with holographic effect has several advantages at once. First, it will be on trend in 2019, and secondly, this nail design is suitable for both long and short nails.hologram nail designsBy the way, foil will help to achieve such an effect. How to use it in a nail art designs – see in this video tutorial.



In spring and summer you always want bright colors, and with the help of a nail designs this desire is even easier to fulfill than with the help of makeup. Here are some good ideas.

4 Impressionism

Sloppy bright strokes in 2019 make-up artists offer to draw on eyelids, lips and any other part of the face. This trend also applies to nail art. The intricate pattern can be obtained with the help of a water nail designs. We talked about the secrets of this technique in this video.

It is important that this image does not require much effort, you do not need even special brushes for nail designs.water nail designs water marble nail art for beginners

3 Ananimalistic print

Patterns that mimic the skin of a zebra, leopard or snake are in vogue for a long time, but in the summer of 2019 it is worth taking a closer look at unusual interpretations. Such a picture should not be read at once, and barely guess. Choose unusual shades and combinations of colors, use purple, red, green varnishes. Good examples are below.zebra print nails zebra print acrylic nails Ananimalistic nail print Ananimalistic nail print -animal themed nail art designs

2 Live flowers

Dried buds of live flowers adorned the nails of models at the latest fashion East show, and this is a great example of a fashion trend that is easy to replicate at home. Collect wildflowers in May – and use this stock all summer.flower nail art designs flower nail designs for beginners Collect wildflowers in May - and use this stock all summer. Live flowers - 21 Idea & 81 Images Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

1 Rainbow Ombre – Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand

The gradient nail art designs, created in shades of rainbow, was shown at the Opening Ceremony show. Of course, to repeat such a nyle-design, it will take a lot of time and resources (because in the rainbow as many as seven shades!). But the result is worth it. And our video instruction will help you.

rainbow ombre nails neon ombre nails pink ombre nails purple ombre nails - 21 Idea & 81 Images Easy Nail Art Designs By Hand


As you can see, this nail art designs looks great in any performance: pastel, glossy, neon.

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